New Memory Wire Bracelets Available!

There are two new memory wire bracelets available in the Etsy shop!  Both are cheerful and colorful – perfect for summer.

The first is an elegant pink bracelet with amber- and silver-tone accent beads:

listing26.3 listing26.2

The second, a fun yellow bracelet with aqua accent beads and a matching aqua feather charm:

listing25.2 listing25.3

Head on over to the shop and take a look!

New Earrings in the Etsy Shop!

There’s a new pair of earrings up in the Etsy shop – black beaded hoop earrings, featuring accent beads made of dyed shell.  Aren’t they lovely?



They’re available in the shop here, so head on over and take a look!

A Door in Dublin, and a Bird in a (Door?) Frame

The legend says that one night, a resident of Dublin had a bit too much to drink; coming home, the similarity of the terrace houses caused him to stumble into the wrong one.  The following morning, all the women of Dublin went and painted their doors different colors, to prevent the incident from happening again.

Whatever the true reason may be, the doors of Dublin are indeed colorful!  Here’s one of my favorite pictures from a recent visit:

Dublin Door

This photo reminded me of a set of metal pendant frames I had in my jewelry stash:


(Aren’t those little birds adorable?)

The frames, in turn, inspired this pendant:



The pendant is available in the shop here; head on over and take a look!

[In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door.”]

Blue, Green, and Silver: Seahorse Earrings

The Daily Post’s photo challenge this week asks participants to share their muse – a subject you repeatedly draw inspiration from.  For me, a huge source of inspiration is looking at beads and playing with combinations until something catches my eye. And I’ve noticed that I tend to return to the same colors over and over: blues and greens, often combined with silver.  To give you an example, I thought I’d share the inspiration process behind the latest listing in the Etsy shop: a beautiful pair of blue and green earrings with silver-plated seahorse charms.

Aren’t these little silver charms adorable?  I found them a few days ago, and fell in love:


I decided to use them to make a pair of earrings, so I brought out some of my favorite blue and green beads to see which would best complement the charms:


I picked out a pair of iridescent crystal teardrop beads that I think are simply stunning when paired with the silver charms, and then added a few other beads in shades of green and blue to finish the look:


(The hedgepig loves to model jewelry once it’s finished.)


I think the finished earrings are quite lovely! What do you think?


Head on over to the shop and take a look!

[In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”]

Three Styles of Beaded Mini Hoop Earrings

There are three pairs of mini hoop earrings now up in the Etsy shop!  Each uses the same method, but features different colors and styles of beads, which give each of the three pairs a distinct character.  The first pair is composed of beads in calming, ocean-inspired hues:


The second pair, of elegant, sparkling beads in shades of brown and champagne:


And the third, of a variety of matte, frosted, and polished green beads:


Here they are together:



Head over to the shop and take a look!

Rainbow-Inspired Bracelet

This week’s photo challenge over at The Daily Post is to share an image with all the colors of the rainbow.  I figured why not go one step further, and make something with all the colors of the rainbow?  Here is the finished product: a memory wire bracelet featuring white seed beads, silver-tone cylinder beads, and accent beads in a whole rainbow of colors.  (You can see it in the Etsy shop here!)



[In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “ROY G. BIV.”]

New Summer-Inspired Bracelets in the Etsy Shop!

Three new memory wire bracelets are now available in the Etsy shop: one inspired by the ocean, featuring a pewter “smile” charm…


One reminiscent of watermelon, and the joy of summer picnics…


And one perfect for celebrating July 4th, complete with silver-tone star and firework accent beads!


Here they are together:



Head on over to the shop and take a look!

First Additions to the Shop

The newest listings in the shop include both memory wire* bracelets and a variety of styles of earrings.  Here’s a sampling of the pieces available:


*Unfamiliar with memory wire?  It’s a type of jewelry wire that holds its shape, meaning that:

  • no clasps are required, and
  • bracelets made of memory wire will fit almost any size wrist.

To put on a bracelet made of memory wire, stretch it out and coil it around your wrist; the wire, as its name suggests, will “remember” its previous shape, and the bracelet will stay closed.